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Paper Beads Design For You

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Paper beads design is something I really love, which is why I give my designs away as free printables.

So today, I have another free paper beads design for you which, I have called ‘Jabberwocky’ in my paper beads design library.

The link to it will be further down the page – you just need to find it – it is there, I promise!

paper beads design
My newest paper beads design – Jabberwocky

Paper beads design names are very neccessary or I get in a muddle with what is what!

Don’t ask me why I called this one Jabberwocky though, because I don’t actually know!

Well, that isn’t quite true – when I was creating this design, it was so abstract, I thought Jabberwocky was a good name.

To me, Jabberwocky means nonsense and I thought it came from the Alice In Wonderland story by Lewis Caroll.

But I wasn’t sure so I looked it up and found I was right about one thing, Jabberwocky is a word Lewis Caroll created.

It was in the sequel to Alice In Wonderland, Alice Through The Looking Glass, written by Caroll in 1871.

The Jabberwock was a monster in a nonsense poem found in that book. And since then, Jabberwocky has come to mean, spoken nonsense.

It means, ‘speech consisting of or containing meaningless words’.

But in the case of this paper beads design, it means painted nonsense.

paper beads design
The Jabberwocky design cut into paper bead strips

I love the way this design turned out, it is very abstract, just lots of color and tiny shapes that mean nothing beyond looking pretty.

And the paper beads you get from the strips are really warm and pretty.

A touch of gold really sets the beads off nicely

Once again, I used my gold tip technique to get a luxurious feel to my paper beads.

To those who have not seen me do this before, I know it looks quite difficult but it is really easy to get this gold tip effect.

There is a very short YouTube video where I show you how to make these beads using the free printable

There are a few terms and conditions to using my free printables – not many I promise – but please respect them, thank you.

You can find the free printable terms and conditions by clicking here.

If you want more free printables, click here to go to my free printables page.

There are lots to choose from and my latest ones in 2024 are available in JPG and PDF formats.

As I said, this is a very short video because most people who watch my channel know how to make paper beads.

If you are new here, and are new to making paper beads, there are lots of older, longer videos on my channel you can watch.

It’s all quite easy to pick up and if you need paper bead rolling tools, subscribe here.

Why? Because as I update this page in June 2024, I can tell you that in July 2024 I will be posting about how to make your own tool.

There are templates in my shop for drawing out paper bead strips quickly and easily.

You can find them by clicking here.

paper beads design
My blunt ended paper bead template for making tapered tube beads.
My small cone bead template for making earring cone beads from thicker paper/card.
My original Easy Beady paper bead strip template for making paper beads in 4 sizes
My Easy Beady paper bead strip template in action.

No matter what paper beads design you are going for, I have ideas and templates to help you.

You can make beautiful, robust jewelry with paper beads.
Paper bead earrings made using my earring cone bead template.

That’s all for this time but I will be back soon with more free printables and videos for you.

Have fun with your crafting and paper bead making and thank you for reading my post and watching my video.

If you have any questions or comments, please head over to my YouTube channel where you can leave questions or comments under my videos.

You can also find me on my other social media accounts.