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July 4th Crafts – Free Printable!

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If you have been looking for July 4th crafts – you may love this idea and my design is free to use.

July 4th crafts are fun – so I have created this full tutorial on YouTube .

It shows how to easily use the strips to make this bracelet and necklace.

July 4th crafts
Paper beads to celebrate July 4th and beyond

I designed the Stars & Stripes beads for makeing bracelets and/or necklaces to wear proudly on July 4th and beyond.

Of all July 4th crafts – these paper beads are really easy to make!

And you don’t need a paper bead rolling tool to make the actual beads.

But if you want to make the necklace then a bead roller would be handy for making the black beads to thread the necklace through.

For the main beads I used a good old fashioned popsicle stick – or ice lolly stick as we call them in the UK.

Using a popsicle stick to make flat paper beads is an idea I came up with quite awhile back.

And now, I use this method a lot to make flat paper beads.

And guess what? A popsicle stick is free! Or maybe just the cost of a popsicle/ice lolly at the very most.

You can also get them on Amazon, so, I will put some in my Amazon stores ( links further down).

Lots of people are looking for last minute July 4th crafts right around this time.

Maybe this idea will inspire you to make some lovely July 4th fun jewelry to wear at your celebrations.

And of course for friends and family to wear while you are having fun and celebrating American Independence Day!

As I live in the UK and July 4th celebrates the USA’s independence from Great Britain in 1776 – I thought it would be the perfect time to give my US readers and viewers a present from the UK.

And I am sure there are lots of people around the world who would love to celebrate Independence Day with our US friends.

To celebrate July 4th 2021, I am giving everyone around the world access to the printable free of charge.

Make these Stars & Stripes Paper beads with my free printable
Use the beads to make this bracelet seen in my tutorial…
…and also make this necklace to complete the set.

The paper bead strip design is available in two sizes – UK A4 and US Letter – click the relevant link below.

The links take you to my Google Drive where my free printable are stored. There are no catches but please read my terms and conditions of use and respect them – that’s all I ask.

Stars & Stripes Free Printable US Letter size.

Stars & Stripes Free Printable UK A4 size.

There are more free printables on my downloads page.

Just click here to find them.

And if you find it hard to get craft supplies where you live…

…most of the items I use in my videos can be found in my Amazon storefronts by clicking these links:-

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See you next time – hope you enjoy my July 4th crafts post and freebies!

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