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Crafter, tutor, tool-maker. writer, blogger and photographer living on the edge of the UK opposite Rotterdam.

Christmas Crafts Decorations Made From Bread!

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Christmas crafts are very sought after at this time of year.

There are some brilliant projects around but really – how on earth do you get these…

Yes really – I made these Christmas decorations from bread.

After making the first batch, I soon realised this is a brilliant way of making lots of trendy looking tree decorations quickly and cheaply.

They are so cheap and easy to make and, they look really do look trendy. You can find my step by step video tutorial on how to make these Christmas decorations here on YouTube.

I have seen decorations like this in the fashionable places where they sell ridiculously expensive home decor items to people with money to burn.

(Usually in places where they also have barn style cafe’s full of trendy food that costs a small fortune!)

There seems to be a thing going on for decorations that are quite textured with dense fibres.

Well guess what, that’s what these look like! And for a fraction of the cost.

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What Is Art?

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Yes, what is art? And is there a specific, irrefutable answer?

what is art?
This graphic was supplied at very short notice by a talented artist and designer called Jonathon Laming. If you need graphics or clip art, designed to order at very reasonable rates, to use on your website, get in touch with me through the contact form and I will give you his details. Doesn’t matter where you live – he sends work out worldwide.

Anyway, the question – What is art? – is one I found even more perplexing after watching a TV programme recently called ‘Who’s Afraid of Conceptual Art?’

A more apt name for the programme, in my opinion, would have been ‘WTF is Conceptual Art Anyway?’

The only way I can think of explaining that kind of art, (and I may be wrong), it is by highlighting one of artist Martin Creed’s more puzzling pieces. It was probably a very expensive piece but you can’t actually pick it up, move it or touch it.

There is no tangible object involved, so naturally, it won the Turner Prize in 2001.

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European Style Paper Bead Making Tool

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The European Style paper bead making tool is especially designed for creating big hole beads (BHB’s as they are known).

Beads made with the 5mm European style paper bead making tool can be easily fitted with silver cores that will give your beads a beautiful finish.

European style paper beads made with this tool will fit Pandora style bracelets and other larger stringing materials such as leather cord.

You can see a video about making European style beads here.

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Julie Driscoll – Suffolk Artist

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Julie Driscoll
Southwold Beach Huts by Julie Driscoll

“Julie Driscoll…she sounds really familiar…where do I know that name from?”

That was the response I got from a friend when I said Suffolk artist Julie Driscoll was the next painter to be featured here.


“Oh my goodness! Julie Driscoll – that 60s singer! Wow – she paints now? And lives in Suffolk?”

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Making a Living As An Artist – One person’s Story

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making a living as an artist

Making a living as an artist – if you are a ‘starving artist’, those words may make you smile.

Having spoken to a few working artists lately, I realise there is a huge difference between making a living as an artist and making money from your art now and then.

In my next few posts, I will be showing you the work of artists who are making money out of their art and who are working towards the ideal of making a living as an artist.

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Paper Bead Cuffs

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Paper bead cuffs are my way of using my own art to create pieces of jewellery.

To create the paper bead cuffs, I do an abstract painting in acrylics on a sheet of paper slightly bigger than A4 (US letter size roughly).

The paper I use is usually quite thick and sturdy to create chunkier beads.

To find out more about making paper beads and the tool I use, click here to see a previous post that explains the process.

And to watch a video showing how I made a similar cuff bracelet click here.

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Alcohol Ink Pendants – How To Make Them

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Make beautiful ‘Moon Glow’ alcohol ink pendants using kitchen tin foil.

Alcohol ink pendants are my latest arty happening!

After seeing someone online doing crafty things with ordinary tin foil, I thought it would be fun to try and make some jewellery using that technique.

My previous post was also about using alcohol inks – you can find it by clicking here.

I have been making bottle cap necklaces for years and so I was inspired to use the bottle caps I have in my stash of resources to create some alcohol ink pendants.

To help you create your own alcohol ink pendants, I have made a YouTube video.

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Alcohol Inks – Oh My Word!

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Alcohol Inks – My Latest Happy Discovery

alcohol inks

Alcohol inks – oh my goodness – you know when something really sets you on fire and you don’t want to sleep?

Well this is it for me! It’s all Mandy Shedden’s fault – since I went to visit her fantastic little craft supplies store in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, I have not been the same.

The store, Keep On Crafting was an absolute Aladdin’s cave of art and craft goodies. I seriously didn’t know which way to turn. Sadly it has closed now but the website is thriving. Do have a look.

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