About Fun Crafts

One of my crafts workshops at Keep On Crafting in Bury St Edmunds.


Why 'fun' crafts?

Because art and craft should be about fun.


Do you long to be creative? Are you one of those who thinks creativity is for other people who are 'good' at it?

Maybe you admire the work of others while saying, 'oh I couldn't paint/sculpt/take pictures/draw/sing/dance/etc etc etc...' to save my life!

People often say to me, 'oh you are so arty/clever/creative - I wish I could do what you do.'

They also often tell me I'm crafty, not sure what that means!

Do you sit on the sidelines believing creative people are more talented than you? Get on the pitch and play! Click To Tweet

So if you are one of those who watches 'arty crafty' people from the sidelines believing we are somehow more talented than you - get on the pitch and play!

My whole  life is now all about creativity through writing, painting, photography and crafting. But it wasn't always - I promise you.

Just take a look at my masterpiece below and guess how old I was when I did this. Forty five - not really - just kidding!


Child prodigy? I think not!

This is how I drew at 9 years old - yes NINE! My 5 year old grandson draws way better than this.

And for all my 'cleverness', my 'artyness', the 'talent' people imagine I have, if I drew a fairy now, it wouldn't look much different to this!

And for years and years and years, I gazed wistfully at the art and crafts of others - wishing with all my heart that I was like them, not celebrating the fact I was like me and exploring my own creativity.

For years, I gazed at the art and crafts of others - wishing that I was like them, not seeing I was like ME & it was good enough Click To Tweet

For many years, I used photography as my creative outlet because I believed I wasn't 'good enough' to paint, draw or do crafts.

My fear of not being able to produce something others would admire stopped me from participating in and enjoying the act of creating.

My fear of not producing something others would admire stopped me from enjoying the act of creating. Click To Tweet

And so I pursued a long career in photography, using it to express myself but it never quite satisfied the arty crafty person locked up inside me, afraid to come out in case I got it 'wrong'.

And by the time I reached an age where I couldn't care less what 'wrong' was, I had lost all those years of splashing paint around and knowing the joy of creating without the camera.

Don't be like me. Don't wait until you are older to unleash your inner arty crafty monster - let it roar NOW!

Don't be like me. Don't wait until you are older to unleash your inner arty crafty monster - let it roar NOW! Click To Tweet


We are all about being free and easy with the paint, glue, ink, paper, canvas, beads, card - whatever you can grab to be creative!

And it's about losing that fear of getting it 'wrong'. Its about the activity - not the end product.

At first, you may feel like throwing your creations away. I suggest you don't because its fun to look back at them when you start to develop your skills.

In my posts, I give links to my YouTube videos showing step by step, how I create various things from paintings to jewelry.

And very soon, I will be giving away digital files and designs to people who subscribe to this site.

I hope maybe it will encourage those who think they aren't 'good enough',  to start splashing paint around or take up a craft or other creative hobby such as photography (if you really can't cope with paint!)

We can all learn from each other. My belief is that we are never done with learning - ever. And to be creative, we must lose our fear of being wrong.

To be creative, we must lose our fear of being wrong. Click To Tweet
An image I painted using alcohol inks - and I 'can't paint'.
A student at one of my workshops learning how to make paper beads.

Art and crafts are my life now. They can be your too if you are prepared to give yourself the chance.

The first time someone looked at something I had created with paint and said, 'wow - I wish I could do that', it made me smile.

That was me before I just let go of my ego and jumped in. 


Absolutely anyone can enjoy an afternoon of crafts or just sploshing paint around. What you produce does not matter.

I cannot paint or draw realistically but my goodness I LOVE playing with colour in an abstract way on big canvases that once scared me.

I have ripped up work that I didn't like but I have never regretted the fun and relaxation I had while creating.

Do you secretly wish you were creative? Well I am here to tell you you are.

If you live in Suffolk, come to one of my workshops.

You DO NOT have to be 'good' at art or crafts. My workshops are fun and sociable.

Subscribe to this site and fill in the contact form with your phone number, name, address and email address and I will contact you about up coming workshops.

You are very welcome here so please ask me questions about anything you see. If I can't answer you, I will do my best to point you in the right direction to someone who can.

No matter what your believe you ability to be - let yourself loose with some crafts and free your artistic soul!