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Christmas Sentiments For Digital Scrapbookers

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Are you a digital scrapbooker? In the last two days, I have uploaded 62 free Christmas sentiments for digital scrapbookers and card makers.

A few of the Christmas sentiments I uploaded today to add to yesterday’s free PNG files.

These are PNG files with a transparent background.

This means digital scrapbookers can drag the sentiments into their digital scrapbook layouts and resize them up or down.

To use these sentiments digitally, as in scrapbooking, you will need software such as My Memories, Photoshop, (very expensive and a massive overkill if you are only using it for scrapbooking purposes), Photoshop Elements (perfect for scrapbooking and under £80) or Paintshop Pro.

I have not used My Memories so I cannot give you any information about that.

Paintshop Pro is another application I have never used and cannot comment on.

My Memories seems to have been around for a good long time but I couldn’t find a copy on Amazon.

Their website still seems to be going – so check it out using the link above.

I use Photoshop all the time and I also use Photoshop Elements and can highly recommend both.

But if all you want to do is digital scrapbooking, Photoshop Elements is all you need.

And, it is more affordable at just under £80 on Amazon.

If you want to try out digital scrapbooking without splashing out on special software, watch this video.

It’s by lovely crafter called Tinne of Vectoria Designs.

She explains exactly what digital scrapbooking is and how you can try it out for free.

If you don’t know what digital scrapbooking is, it’s definitely worth learning about.

As Tinne says, ” it’s crafting without getting your fingers stuck together” 😂.

Maybe not for everyone of course but it is a very exciting way to create scrapbooks/memory books.

It’s also fantastic for people who don’t have much room for crafting or storing supplies.

And the good news is, you can get your digital scrap books printed into real books.

It is just like building a physical scrapbook but all your papers, elements and embellishments are digital.

You can drag them about on your digital scrapbooking paper and position them as you would in a physical scrapbook.

Yesterday I gave away the first 18 Christmas sentiments for digital scrapbookers and you can access them by clicking here.

Today I am giving away 44 more free Christmas sentiment PNG files. You can access them by clicking here.

Some of the 18 Christmas sentiments you can use.
Some of the 44 Christmas sentiments I have for you today.

The links above will take you to my Google Drive where I store all my free printables and free digital scrapbooking elements.

These are the first digital scrap booking elements I have given away but there will be many more elements and embellishments to come.

Although these are Christmas sentiments for digital scrapbookers, anyone can use them in their non-digital crafts.

You are welcome to print them off and use them on your cards and gift tags.

You may also be interested in my last post in which I gave away some free Christmas printables.

Christmas sentiments for digital scrapbookers
My last lot of free printables – Christmas stickers and borders

And I have a page where you can see the other printables I have given away in the past.

You can click on the links to get them.

You are very welcome to download and print off as many of my designs as you want.

All I ask is you respect my Terms & Conditions.

There aren’t many! 😍

We are only days away from Christmas and many crafters will have moved on from Christmas by now.

But if you are anything like me, you might be frantically making gift tags for the children’s presents!

So all you last minute crafters out there, do use these holiday season sentiments in your crafts, digital or otherwise.

Or you can keep the files to use next summer when all the disciplined crafters will be making a start on Christmas 2022 😍

Many of my regular readers will know I usually also publish a YouTube video with my blog posts.

But this time I haven’t.

This is a post to tell you about the free files I have for you today and about the rest coming over the next few days.

There are many videos on YouTube about digital scrapbooking – Vectoria Designs is a good place to start.

I am planning on doing regular posts now with free printables and digital files that are not associated with a YouTube tutorial.

So if you want to keep up with the freebies, why don’t you subscribe to this blog? Then you will know each time I post new designs for you.

Check back here over the next few days as I will be adding more links to free files.

And do let me know if there is anything you would especially like to see as a free printable.

I will do my best to design it for you.

Meanwhile enjoy my free Christmas sentiments for digital scrapbookers and happy holidays to everyone.