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Paper Jewelry Making

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paper jewelry making

Paper jewelry making is a very popular craft and it’s a relatively inexpensive hobby.

In all the years I have been teaching paper jewelry making, I have used many different resources.

I have used everything from magazine pages to scraps of wallpaper to my own printed designs.

You can see some of my previous paper jewelry making posts here:-

Paper Bead Ideas Using Junk

Hippie Style Paper Beads

BoHo Style Paper Beads

paper jewelry making
Paper bead ideas using junk
paper jewelry making
Hippie style paper beads – from free printable
paper jewelry making
BoHo style paper beads – from free printable

These are just a few of the many posts I have made about paper jewelry making.

There are lots more throughout this website if you scroll through.

And as regular readers will know, I love to create new designs for paper jewelry and give them away.

Some new designs for your paper jewelry making.

Some of my regular readers may have realised that I haven’t posted for a few weeks.

In my latest YouTube video, I explain why I have been AWOL from my channel.

But I am back this week with a bang and three new free printables for you!

paper jewelry making
Teal and Red arty designs to use in your paper jewelry making or greeting card projects.
paper jewelry making
Two paper bead strip printables – one to cut by hand and one to shred in a straight cut paper shredder.

The bead strips printables may not look that exciting but my goodness they are pretty when rolled!

Teal and red paper beads from the free printables above.
Bracelets I made using the free printables
paper jewwelry making
The pendant I made using the three free printables

Paper jewelry making designs from my original paintings

The teal and red free printables I have designed for you are from one of my own paintings.

My original painting.
paper jewelry making
How I have modified the painting and taken shapes from it to create a printable.

In my latest YouTube video, I show you how I used these free printables to make some pretty paper jewelry.

How I used the designs

All you need to do is click the link near the end of this post and go to my Google Drive.

There, you will find these free printables.

Although I allow people to use these designs in their crafts, I still own the copyright.

They cannot be treated as public domain images and there are a few terms and conditions to using them.

Do read the Ts & Cs and then you will feel confident about what you can do with the designs.

You will see the two bead strip printables are similar but one has cut lines.

The one without cut lines is designed to go through a sraight cut paper shredder.

This will give you a whole bunch of 7mm wide strips you can use to make small cylindrical beads.

I’ve been using my shredder to make paper beads for many years and I use shredded strips in my classes.

In my beginner workshops, this is what my students make in the space of three hours.

My faux Willow Pattern paper bead design bracelet
Free Printables
This is my faux Willow Pattern design used with beginner students

When people come to my workshops, they get a pack with the pre-shredded strips.

Within minutes, they are making very pretty little beads; in three hours, they have a bracelet!

You will see, my current teal and red printable design for shredder beads is doubled up.

I have repeated the design half way down the page so you can get more strips from one sheet of paper

I have designed this free printable to be printed onto thicker glossy paper (180gsm/65lb)

When you print onto thicker paper, the strips don’t need to be so long.

That means if I double up the design, you will get double the amount of bead strips.

You simply cut the design in half and put each half through the shredder.

And you will get about 60 paper beads from one US Letter sheet of glossy paper.

Paper shredder note:-

Straight cut shredders aren’t easy to find. Most are cross cutters for security reasons but I have found some and I have them in my Amazon shops.

Please be aware I have not used these exact machines and cannot vouch for them.

So please make sure you read reviews before buying.

Amazon affiliate statement.

The printable teal and red paper bead strip designs with the cut lines has broader strips than the shredded strips.

You can use a craft knife and metal ruler to cut these strips.

Then you can cut each strip in half and you will get 30 beads from each sheet.

I used two different methods to roll the two different sized strips.

What paper bead rolling tools did I use to make the two different shaped beads?

For the 14 mm wide beads cut by hand, I used my cushioned popsicle stick bead roller.

This gives you a lovely flat, square(ish) paper bead that makes a change from the usual paper bead shape.

I make these simple popsicle stick bead rollers with a soft cushioned grip to make it easy to roll with. If you want one, visit my Etsy shop.

For the slimmer 7mm paper bead strips, I used my 3mm paper bead tool.

I make these 3mm Easy Beady paper bead tools with a chunky, easy to hold handle. They are available in my Etsy shop.

And now for your free printables!

To get these three free designs, click on this link to go to where they live on Google Drive.

Each design comes in two sizes – UK A4 and US Letter.

Print them onto glossy photo paper – 180gsm in the UK, and I think that’s 65lb in the USA.

Some sources say 180gsm equates to 65lb and some say 40lb.

If anyone knows for sure, do let me know!

Hope you enjoyed this look at paper jewlery making and will also enjoy my free printables.

Do subscribe to this blog and to my YouTube channel, then you will know about all new free printables.

See you very soon again with more free designs, meanwhile, enjoy your paper jewelry making.