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Easy DIY Earrings – And a Free Printable

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Easy DIY earrings is my latest project in which I use my new free printable.

The design I used to make these easy DIY earrings is free to download and use – click here to see the Terms & Conditions.

DIY Earrings
My latest free printable – see link lower down
easy DIY earrings
Easy DIY Earrings made with my free printables

If you want to make exactly the same earrings as I’ve made, you just need to follow the instructions in my latest YouTube video.

What makes this easy DIY earring project so easy?

To answer that, you first need to look at what makes it hard – well maybe not hard but definitely slow.

Anyone who makes paper beads will know that the measuring and cutting process can be really time consuming.

So anything that makes creating the bead strips faster is a huge bonus, especially if you sell your paper beads.

In my early years of making paper beads back in the 70s, I used to carefully measure out my triangles and draw the cut lines in pencil.

But I soon learned to use a photocopier to make things easier. Later I made templates to draw the strips in various sizes, and to this day, I still sell bead strip templates to do that very thing.

But I also sell printable bead strip templates that you can print and stick on the back of whatever paper/design you are using to make beads.

You only need to stick it down with temporary glue down the right side and then start cutting your strips out from the left.

My 10 strip paper bead strip printable overlay – available in my Etsy shop.

When you buy this template, you get a PNG file that you can use in two ways to make easy DIY earrings.

You can do as I have described above, which is to stick it to your paper and use the lines as guides for cutting your strips.

Or, if you a tech savvy, you can use the transparent PNG file in a program like Photoshop.

If you have a design that you are going to print to make paper beads, you can overlay this PNG file by dragging it onto the image in a new layer.

An example of the PNG paper bead strip lines printed over my latest free printable.

If you don’t want lines printed directly onto your design, you could turn your print over and print the cut lines on the back.

Which ever way you do it, this printable bead strip overlay puts the easy into easy DIY Earrings.

It saves so much time so you can have your strips cut quickly and then get on with the fun part of rolling, glazing and making jewlery.

If you want durable, shiny earrings, the materials you use are really important.

In this project, I have printed my design onto 180 gsm glossy photopaper.

I just Googled the equivilent paper weight in US lbs and this same paper came up as being available in the US – click here to see it.

The glossy paper I use from Photo Paper Direct in the UK

It’s coming up as 49lbs in paper weight on the USA version and it looks as if that is around the same as 180gsm, but I can’t be certain.

If you use thinner matte paper or even copy paper, the colours will be duller and the beads will be smaller.

As regular viewers will know, I’m hooked on Dimensional Magic by Plaid (the makers of Mod Podge) to glaze my paper beads.

And this is available in my Amazon shop. But you don’t need to use that brand as long as you use a good strong sealer/varnish that dries really glossy.

If you want to source any of the supplies I use in my videos, many of them are in my Amazon shops:

Amazon Affiliate Statement.

So how can you get my latest Paint Drips design free printable?

Just click here and you will be taken to Google Drive where my free designs are stored now.

And if you want to buy the printable paper bead strip overlay…

Click here to go straight to it. It’s only £3.60 and you can use it over and over again forever.

I also have other sizes in my shop. All of them come in both US and UK paper sizes. But make sure you know how to download and open PNG files before you buy it.

Well that’s it for another week – hope you enjoy the latest free printable – there are lots more over on the free printables page.

Make lots of easy DIY earrings and see you again very soon with more free printables.

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