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DIY Earrings Using Paper Beads

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Free DIY earrings printable too – so keep reading to get the link!

DIY Earrings

DIY earrings are very easy to make and make wonderfully unique gifts.

DIY earrings are probably one of the fastest jewlery items to make if you want to produce lots of stock quickly to sell online.

And if you are using my brand new DIY earring paper bead strip stencil template, it’s even faster.

Watch my latest YouTube video to see this in action and to see how I use this week’s free printable.

My newest paper bead stencil template available in my Etsy & Folksy shops for making DIY earrings from paper beads

Before I get into the DIY earrings post…

I’d like to briefly introduce you to another paper bead crafter whose has a YouTube channel called Wokos Crafts.

Woko also makes cone beads, in a very different style to the ones I have made for this video.

DIY Earrings
DIY Earrings
Woko’s beautiful paper beads
DIY Earrings

Her beads are longer, slimmer and very elegant and ou can find out what materials she uses and how she makes her beads by visiting her YouTube channel.

She also sells her creations in her Etsy shop and there are some gorgeous pieces in there at very reasonable prices.

And now for these gorgeous earrings!

In my latest video, I show you how to make these earrings by using my new stencil for quickly drawing out cone bead strips without having to measure.

Turn plain card from this…
…to this.

In the same video, I also show you how to use my latest free bead strip printable.

The link to this is further down the page.

My new free printable
Make gorgeous beads with this print
Made from my free fantasy printable

Where can you get my free fantasy paper bead printable?

Right here! Just click this link, download, print, cut the strips and roll.

There aren’t too many Terms & Conditions to using my free printables but please read and respect the ones I do have.

You can find a link to my free printable T&Cs here.

If you want to make DIY earrings exactly like the ones above follow these instructions…

  • Make sure you print onto glossy photo paper
  • Be sure you use 180 gsm weight paper (approx 70lb in US weight) don’t use copier/plain paper or your beads will be dull and small.
  • Do use black marker along the side of the bead strip (see video if you aren’t sure what I mean)
  • Use a very glossy sealer (I use Mod Podge Dimensional Magic) to get a strong, glass like effect on your beads.
DIY Earrings
Dimensional Magic – I love love LOVE this to seal my paper beads to make them strong and durable.

If you aren’t sure where to get the tools and products I use in my videos, there are links below to help.

For craft consumables visit my Amazon shops where I have a huge selection of crafting products based on what I have used in my tutorials over the years.

Amazon UK

Amazon USA

Amazon Affiliate Satement

To buy my bead tools and bead strip templates check out my Etsy and Folksy shops.

Etsy (best for USA customers)

Folksy (best for UK and Europe)

Here you will find the tools that I designed many years ago and continue to manufacture myself.

DIY Earrings
My original 3mm and 5mm paper bead rolling tools
DIY earrings
My original paper bead strip stencil in four sizes
DIY earrings
My newest paper bead stencil for making earring cone beads with card.

While you are here…

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I won’t ever sell your email address to anyone and that, is a promise.

Enjoy making your DIY earrings and see you next time.😘