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Free Paper Bead Designs!

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Free paper bead designs
Beautiful Buddha designs just for you

Free paper bead designs are on the menu this week.

So what free paper bead designs have I got for you? I have designed, especially for my blog readers, some rainbow paper bead strips featuring a Buddha symbol.

(The link to your free Buddha Rainbow download is near the end of this post.)

We could all use a sense of unity right now and so I have created this bead strip design as a reminder to be calm and united, regardless of how life seems in 2021.

So many people have had a very rough time this year, missing loved ones and feeling alone.

Everyone who wants to can download the free printable and make a bracelet as a symbol of belonging in this small group of worldwide crafters.

We may be spread out across the globe but we’ll all be wearing this same bracelet and hoping for the same thing – for friends and family to unite with each other once again.

You can see my YouTube video tutorial on how to use this free printable design to make beautiful paper Buddha beads.

Free paper bead designs ain’t gonna change the world!

But I’m thinking they might bring a teeny bit of happiness to people who can briefly escape the misery of lockdown while they concentrate on making this bracelet.

I say that because the time I spend creating these free paper bead designs and the other freebies I put up here is like meditation for me.

The world is happening ‘out there’ and hours pass without me feeling anxious about not seeing my family, who live away.

When I’m creating these, I think happy thoughts and forget that everything is closed up out there.

It takes me away from thinking about how all this is affecting the children of the world, not just my children and grandchildren but all the children.

And of course the elderly and everyone in between.

Crafting is an escape from all that for so many of us and when I send my designs out into the world, my hope is that other people will escape for awhile by using them.

The paper bead strips are easy to use, and you won’t need a bead rolling tool.

free paper bead designs
This is all you need – some Pritt stick or similar solid glue, my bead strips and a popsicle stick.

Although I have been manufacturing and selling paper bead tools since the 70s, I am a great believer in letting people know, especially beginners, that bead rollers are a luxury rather than a necessity.

For this project I have returned to my favourite bead tool backup – the humble popsicle stick.

free paper bead designs
After you’ve put black marker on the inside of the wide end of the bead strip, you carefully roll it (see my tutorial on YouTube).

I know lots of people thought I was mad when I first introduced the popsicle stick as a bead rolling tool but there was a method in my madness – honestly!

It’s great to have flat paper beads when you are making them for a bracelet because they sit better against your wrist.

And yes, one Buddha is upside down because nothing is perfect – especially me when I’m threading beads!

Although I used glossy photo paper to print my bead strip designs onto, I still gave them a coat of Modge Podge gloss to seal and protect them from splashes.

One of my favourite paper bead sealers
This the paper I use for some of my beads

But where are your free paper bead designs?

I won’t keep you from them any longer – click here to go straight to the place where you will find two files in the folder, one is US Letter size and one is UK A4 Size.

And click here to read my terms and conditions regarding using my images; there aren’t many T&Cs but please respect those I do have – thank you.

And for those people who like or need to get their craft supplies online, below are links to my Amazon shops where you will find all sorts of craft goodies to buy.

I try to source the same products I use in my own crafts but when I can’t, I suggest similar products.

And here is my Amazon Affiliate statement.

Thank you for visiting and please come on over to join me on YouTube if you want to leave a comment.

You can talk to me in the comments below the video – I’d love to hear from you.

See you back here soon with more free printable designs.

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