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DIY Picture Pendants With Free Images

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DIY picture pendants are very easy to make as you will see from my tutorial here.

DIY picture pendants are fun to make once you know how and I am here to show you how!

You may know I gave away some printable designs a few weeks back to make glass pendants, if not, you can see here.

But these pendants are different because you won’t need to buy the metal trays.

We are going to make the pendant bases ourselves.

DIY Picture Pendants

These kind of DIY picture pendants are often made with Domino tiles but what if you don’t have any domino tiles?

Worry not! I have designed this tutorial to make use of Amazon packaging, the kind that small items are delivered in.

DIY Picture Pendants
I think many of us have lots of these at the moment from shopping online during lockdown.

If you follow my YouTube tutorial, you will see just how easy these pendants are to make.

They look as if they might be quite challenging but if you are into crafting, they will be very easy to recreate.

But what if you don’t have any images?

Again – worry not!

You can make exactly the same DIY picture pendants I have made because…

…I am giving away a sheet of nine images sized especially to use to make these picture pendants.

The link is further down the page.

There aren’t many Terms and Conditions attached to using my images but please read the few I do have here.

DIY Picture Pendants
Six of the nine designs on the 6×4 inch free printable

These images are beautiful vintage book illustrations that I have altered.

The original images I have used to create these designs are old book images from the late 1800s.

I have altered them to create images that are perfect for making DIY picture pendants and I am presenting them here for you to use as well.

The thing I have loved most about this project is the simplicity of the supplies needed.

I sometimes like to design projects that use stuff you might have around the house.

Particularly as we have all had to spend so much time at home over the last 11 months.

You will need a printer of course, to print my design sheet onto 6×4 inch photo paper.

And you wil need some cardboard packaging to recycle like the Amazon packet I used.

You could use cereal box card too but you’ll need six layers instead of three.

I also used Dimensional Magic to give the DIY picture pendants that shiny domed look.

Don’t worry if you can’t get it any where you are as I have some in my and .uk stores.

The links are below.

Amazon affiliate statement

In my tutorial, I also use my 5mm paper bead rolling tool to make the pendant bails for the necklace to go through.

You can buy this in my Etsy store if you are in the USA or my Folksy store if you are in the UK.



And in case you missed it further up…

…here is the link to my YouTube tutorial.

And here is the link to get your free printable images to make these picture pendants.

And finally, if you are here from YouTube looking for my free cupcake images, click here to go to that post.

Thank you for your visit here and I will be back again soon with more free craft prntables for you to play with.

Enjoy making your DIY picture pendants!

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