European Style Paper Beads – A New Printable Template.

Available as a free download to my readers and viewers until January 31st 2021! The link is further down the page.

These are the beautiful European style paper beads you can make with my template

My latest YouTube video is a tutorial showing how to make these ornate European style paper beads.

You want to make European style paper beads – right?

But you just can’t get that European style paper bead shape and it’s so frustrating if you are new to making paper beads.

Which is why I’ve been designing European style paper bead templates for the last few years and selling on Etsy.

The template you see below (link above) is also for European style paper beads in two parts.

Another of my European style paper bead templates.

So what is different about my new template?

Well my newest template for making European style paper beads is more compact and it saves on paper.

The new template looks like this…

My newest European style paper bead template

The reason it saves paper is because I have put it all on one sheet.

It is still a two part template with a very gradual taper but I have moved the strips closer together so that both parts will print out on one sheet.

And this template is for making 12 complete beads whereas the other template I sell only makes 11 and it prints over two sheets.

Follow my YouTube tutorial and make these ornate European Style paper beads really easily.

I know this new compact paper bead template is not going to be for everyone because the strips are close together.

But if you want to try it, you can get it now as a free printable up until January 31st 2021 by clicking the links below.

It’s my Happy New Year gift to the early birds who are faithful to my channel.

And you can keep it to use as often as you like. All I ask is that you honor the terms of downloading it.

UK A4 size

US Letter size

Let me know what you think.

After Jan 31st 2021, it will only be available in my Etsy shop.

So get it asap!

If your eyesight is poor, you may prefer the other template in my Etsy shop which has the strips space further apart.

The previous template in two parts, which prints on two sheets of paper, will be easier to cut for some people.

But if you have good eyesight and can cope with the lines close together, this new template is more economical to use.

If you are a Silhouette Cameo user – I have good news for you!

This European style paper bead template is now available in my Etsy shop so you can cut your bead strips with ease in only a couple of minutes.

European Paper Bead Template for using in a Silhouette Cameo machine. My files also work in Cricut machines but you must know what you are doing as I am unable to advise on after sale Cricut queries.
This is how easy it is! After you have bought the electronic cutting template from my Etsy shop, you can open it in Silhouette Studio and cut your strips perfectly in a couple of minutes.

And if you want to get hold of craft supplies such as the clear gloss I use to glaze my beads, visit my Amazon shops.

UK shoppers click here.

US shoppers click here.

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That’s all for this time.

I’ll be back again soon with some lovely freebies I am designing for Valentine’s Day – so subscribe here and make sure you don’t miss the free printables I give away.

And have fun using the template for making European style paper beads.