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Free Paper Bead Design For Paper Beads with a Winter Look

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You can make something pretty from something no one likes! (See further on for an explanation).

Free paper bead design for YOU!

This is a very quick post as I know everyone is busy getting ready for the holidays.

There is a new video tutorial on my YouTube channel showing you how to use this free printable.

Click here to see the video.

There is a story behind this design. The image is actually part of a photo I took of the Christmas tree in our town of Felixstowe.

It may not be the best tree in the world but it lights up the cold night in Felixstowe – so leave the poor thing alone you unkind people!

And thank you to the Lion’s Club for our tree, regardless of it not being good enough for some people – thank you. 💖

This free paper bead design features one of the ‘worst Christmas trees in Britain’!

Well that was according to the Sun newspaper which is, ironically (and of course only in my opinion!) the worst newspaper in Britain.

So not sure why they are poking fun at our Christmas tree.

Anyway, I had no idea of this when I went into town one night to have a look at the Christmas decorations and take a few pics to show my 92 year old mum.

Imagine my surprise when I heard we had made the national news (albeit The Sun) for having one of the ‘worst Christmas trees in Britain’.

Great. Thank you Sun.

We even made the national TV news (although I think calling their content ‘news’ is a little misleading in this case).

So I took a section of one of my pictures and used it to make a free paper bead design to give away on here.

I only fill the top of the page because that’s the only part that gets used – and it helps save your printer ink.

And as each free paper bead design I post gets downloaded by people all over the world…

…our much maligned tree can be appreciated by the lovely international crafting community who can see the artistic merit in the lights and texture.

A lovely tree doing its very best to cheer us up despite being taken away from its forest and ridiculed.

To get your free paper bead design, all you need to do is…

click here and download. It is that simple.

Juest scroll down the free printables page until you see this image,

The links for US and UK sizes are directly below it.

And if there are any resources in my YouTube video you don’t know where to buy, try my Amazon shops. I always try to have most things in there although it isn’t always possible. Worth checking though.

Amazon Affiliate statement.

That’s all folks!

Everyone is running around getting ready for their holidays so I won’t keep you.

I will be back very soon with a tutorial and access to a free printable (and Silhouette Cameo cut file) for a limited time only to make these European style beads.

Getting this precise European style bead shape isn’t easy but you can do it with the new printable template I have just finished working on.

The template was designed primarily for sale in my Etsy shop but I will have a two day window when it is free for my readers and YouTube subscribers to download.

After that, people will have to buy it – so watch out for my next post to grab it quickly!

Thanks for reading/watching – Happy Holidays wherever you are and whatever you celebrate.

Enjoy the free paper bead design and love that poor misunderstood tree!

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