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How To Make European Style Paper Beads With a Decorative Finish.

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how to make european style beads

And by the way, there is a free printable further on in this post for making a pretty paper bead bracelet in warm spring colours. So read on…

European Style Paper Beads

European style paper beads are very easy to make when you have my two part printable template.

My carefully designed two part European paper bead template.

The template is available in my Etsy shop and my tutorial on how to use the template to make these black and gold european style paper beads is over on my YouTube channel.

I spent absolutely ages trying to figure out how to get that distinctive European style of paper bead.

Getting this shape eluded me for a long time – but then I cracked it and you can too with my template.

After many failed attempts, a few years ago, I finally got it right with a combination of a carefully graduated two part paper beadstrip template and 210gsm (78lb) paper card.

If you want to make European style paper beads like mine, have a look at my video to see just how I get the gold design on them.

You’ll be shocked at how easy it is and what the possibilities are for all sorts of decorative paper beads made this way.

Six European Style Paper Beads on a bangle – simple!

And here is the free printable I promised with this post…

Included in the tutorial on how to make european style paper beads is a brief look at another paper bead template I designed to make 1 inch regular paper beads in earth warm spring-like colours.

My latest free printable to make this bracelet…
So simple to make using my free paper beadstrip printable.

This is a really simple bracelet to make – the beads are easy to cut out and roll.

The strips can be cut out with scissors or with a Silhouette Cameo electronic cutting machine (as seen in the video).

You can probably use a Cricut machine too – let me know if you do.

To get my free printable in UK A4 and US Letters size click here and scroll down to the relevant free printable.

It’s that simple! No passwords anymore.

And if you are here because you wanted to find out how to make European style paper beads…

…you might want to know where to get my 3mm paper bead rolling tool and other materials/tools I use in the tutorial.

My 3mm paper bead rolling tool is available in my Etsy shop

I ship my tools all over the world. They are simple to use because of the gently shaped handle which is very comfortable to hold.

Good for those who find it hard to hold tools.

Watch the video by clicking here and leave me a comment or ask a question on YouTube!

And for the other items I use in my tutorials, visit my Amazon shops where you will find lots of craft goodies. including the wonderful Silhouette Cameo cutting machine like I use in the video.

See my Amazon Affilate Statement here.

I hope this post helps if you are looking for info on how to make European style paper beads – check back soon for more freebies and more ideas.

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