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Free Printables In June – More Free Designs For you!

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Free printables are very popular for creating beautiful jewelry, key chains, bag charms and card toppers. What will you make with this one?

News flash – I have now created a special page where will find all my free printables in one place. You no longer need passwords to access them and I have also put in the YouTube tutorial links showing you how to use most of the free printables. Click here to go to the page and scroll down until you find the one shown on the right.

Free Printables

More free printables!

Hi – are you here for the free printables to make these pendants?

Some ideas for how to use my free printables – see my YouTube video over on Rainbow Lane

The smallest pendant was made using the last free printable I published back on May 23rd 2020.

free printable

To get the free printable on the left, click here to go to the post and read it through to find out how to download your free printables.

The two larger pendants were made using one of my newest free printables, published on June 6th 2020.

To get the free printable, click here to go to the download page.

For ideas on how to use these free printables – you can watch my tutorial.

You will find my full length tutorial over on Rainbow Lane at YouTube.

And if you have never seen the supplies I use before or simply don’t know where to get them (supplies such as the glass cabochons/domes and pendant bezels) visit one of my Amazon storefronts and browse through there, I have most of what you will need listed there.

Amazon Affliate Statement

If you want to be sure to get access to all the free printables coming in future, subscribe to this website and also to my Youtube channel where there are lots more videos you may like.

Just a few of the many videos on offer over at Rainbow Lane.

Thanks for visiting…

I look forward to seeing you next time with more free printables!