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Free Bottle Cap Images – In Warm Autumn Colors

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Free bottle cap images are waiting for you over on my free downloads page.

But there is no catch – it really is free to use like all my free printables.

There are a couple of Terms & Conditions regarding how you may use them and you can read them here.

You will find step-by-step instructions on how to make these in the You Tube video below.

You can see how I used my free bottle cap designs to make these Charms, in the video below.

When you have watched the video right through and are totally inspired to make some bottle cap pendants, you can click here to get the free printable design.

The Terms & Conditions for using my free printables are here (there aren’t many but please respect the few I do have).

Click here to watch the video tutorial on YouTube.

Now that you have your free bottle cap images, do you need help getting the supplies I use in the tutorial?

For those people who can’t get to a craft store or who don’t have one nearby, I have two Amazon storefronts where people in the Amazon.com and .co.uk areas can easily get the items seen in my tutorials.

But if you can get your supplies from a local craft shop, then please do to support any independent shop owners who are struggling to compete with the internet.

These are the links to my Amazon stores:



And this is my Amazon Affiliate declaration.

I hope you enjoy using your bottle cap images – let me know how yours turn out.

And also let me know in the comments below if you have any special requests for more free bottle images – what colors do you like?