Easy DIY Halloween Decorations!

easy diy halloween decorations

Easy DIY halloween decorations just for you.

And not just easy – also very inexpensive to make because…Ta dah! …they are made from bread!

Warning – these decorations ARE NOT EDIBLE!

easy diy halloween decorations

I’ll give you a brief step by step guide here so you can get the idea of how to make these cute decorations complete with holes so you can hang them up.

But for a better idea on how to make these very easy DIY halloween decorations – watch the video I made for you.

So, what supplies will you need to make these easy DIY Halloween decorations?

Please note: If you live in an area where it is difficult to get the items I use in my posts, don’t worry! I have two Amazon stores where you can find most of what you see me using here.

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You will need:

easy diy halloween decorations
Soft white bread
A glue pen
Red craft gems
Halloween cookie cutters
A hole cutter
Orange, black and gree acrylic paints
A glossy sealer
Googly eyes

And how do you make the easy DIY Halloween decorations?

Step 1:

Use your Halloween cookie cutters to cut creepy Halloween shapes out of thick, soft, white bread.

easy diy halloween decorations
Press down and cut out your shapes.

Step 2:

Use a hole punch like the one below to easily cut a neat hole in each shape while the bread is still soft.

easy diy halloween decoration
A metal hole punch leaves a very neat hole in the bread as it actually removes a tiny circle of bread.

Problems finding a metal hole punch?

You will find the Dovecrafts tool set in my Amazon stores – see links to those higher up this post.

Each set has one of these tools with three different size holes punches to screw on.

easy diy halloween decorations
easy diy halloween decorations
A neat hole cut by removing a tiny circle of bread with the metal hole punch.

Using a hole punch makes your decorations look so much neater and more professional.

Step 3:

The secret to making sure these halloween decorations last for years is to air dry them until they are crisp. I leave mine on a drying rack for 48 hours.

You will need to dry your shapes thoroughly until the bread is rigid and makes a tapping sound when you tap it against the table.

easy diy halloween decorations
Shapes cut using regular Halloween cookie cutters.
easy diy halloween decorations
Shapes cut using plunger Halloween cookie cutters that leave designs in the bread.

Step 4:

Use orange, black and green paint to paint your air dried shapes. I used bright orange from Hobby Craft in the UK to paint my pumpkin shapes and green for the stalks. I used black for the bats, the houses, the witch’s hats and the spiders.

And I used white for the little ghosts.

If you don’t have a craft store nearby, I do have acrylic paints in my Amazon stores too – but do try to shop locally if you can.

easy diy  halloween decorations

Step 5:

Once again, you need to dry out your painted Halloween bread shapes very thoroughly to make sure they will last for years to come.

I use an easy method which means I can paint the fronts, backs and edges all in the same session, as opposed to having to paint one side and let it dry before painting the rest of it.

The method is this – I use a block of florist’s oasis and some bamboo kebab sticks to let my pieces air dry.

An easy way to dry painted Halloween decorations.

Step 6:

As soon as the paint is completely dry, you can go ahead and seal the decorations with a glossy glaze such as Mod Podge Super Gloss Brilliant.

easy diy halloween decorations
Available on my Amazon UK supplies page
And also on my Amazon.com supplies page

Step 7:

Once the glaze is thoroughly dry on your Halloween decorations, it’s time for the exciting part – adding the finishing touches that will turn your shapes into scary Halloween decorations.

When I made these ones, I added tiny little red gems to create creepy red eyes on the cats and bats. I added purple eyes to the spiders and googly eyes to the pumpkins. The pumpkins don’t look scary with googly eyes, they just look a little crazy!

You can also add glitter to your Halloween decorations to add some sparkle.

I added a line of red glitter along the edge of the witch’s hats

Did you enjoy this post about easy DIY Halloween decorations?

If you did, why don’t you check out my post about Christmas decorations?

Or watch the video showing how to make Christmas decorations from bread by clicking here.

I have more posts coming up very soon showing you how to make Christmas decorations really easily from paper.

I also have a free downloadable printable of I inch circular designs in autumn colors coming up really soon – below are four of the 15 free designs I will be posting on here.

I will also be showing you step by step in a video, how to make the gorgeous charms you see here.

So to make sure you get your free printable of these designs, subscribe to this blog today and you will get an email as soon as I post the designs on here for you to download.

Have fun making your easy DIY Halloween decorations and see you again very soon with more projects for you to try out – oh and leave me a comment – I’d love to hear from you!


  1. Yay, I can comment. I’m glad it was an easy fix.

    I love all these. You’re so crafty. I’m terrible with crafts, but sure appreciate other peoples work. You rock.

    Have a fabulous day, Gilly. ♥

    1. Thank you Sandee – you are an absolute sweetheart! Hope you are having a great day – ours is getting towards the end but it’s been gorgeous, a proper Indian Summer day.

  2. My idea of decorating these days is a bowl of candy corn and a pumpkin on the front porch. Not a Jack-0-lantern, mind you, but a pumpkin! Christmas is lucky to get a tree much less lights!

    1. Thank you Paul – you are very kind for coming over here – much appreciated. We are the same – we don’t really do Halloween or Christmas. Don’t have time for all that is involved with decorating and then you have to take it all down again! Life is too short.:-)

  3. I really enjoyed watching the video – those Halloween decorations looked amazing, seeing as they were made from bread!! Just wish I had some ‘little ones’ to share the tutorial with – would be a fun way to spend some crafting hours together x

    1. Hello Lesley! Lovely to see you. Yes they are fun to make – shame about not having any little ones to make them with. That’s the problem with us getting older I’m afraid! Thanks for having a look – much appreciated. And I haven’t forgotten about doing something on your gorgeous bunting – I did all the photography and then got waylaid by life (as usual!). But it is coming up!

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