Easy To Make Pendants – Really Beautiful!

Easy to make pendants are something so many crafters want to find.

Easy to make pendants and inexpensive to make is the ideal!

So in my latest YouTube tutorial video, I have presented an idea for easy to make pendants that are very easy on your pocket too.

BUT – lots of things went wrong in this project. Why? Because I was a salt dough newbie!

These really are easy to make pendants, I just wasn’t happy with some of them because they were too  thick and chunky.

I had wanted to make something that fitted with love hearts and Valentine’s Day.

So I was pretty happy with the red and gold hearts but pretty much everything else I didn’t like too much!

So what went wrong with my easy to make pendants?

Well, for a start, I tried to bake the salt dough pendant bases in the microwave oven.

I was using a very old craft book for directions on how to do it and it did recommend that you cook the dough in 10 second bursts until they are done.

Uh Uh! No – of course I didn’t have the patience for that so I had them on too high for too long.

They puffed up like little clouds and went brittle, as you will see in the YouTube video.

So I went back to the drawing board and did the next batch in the regular oven for almost three hours on 100 degrees centigrade.

That was much better! My easy to make pendants were MUCH easier baked that way – it just took longer.

But that was fine, I went off and did other stuff while they were cooking happily in the oven.

So why wasn’t I happy with the results?

Well some of the pendant bases were way too chunky for my liking. Mainly the bigger, oval ones. They were just too clumsy looking for me.

I loved the red and gold hearts and some of the black and gold pieces but nah, not the really thick ones.

But hey – that’s good news – right? We learn by our mistakes.

My biggest mistake was rolling the dough out to thick – but there was an easy solution for when I made my next batch (I have another video coming up soon about how I did this again – only better!),

I went a got myself a special little rolling pin that is normally used for rolling out cake icing.

The rolling pin you see above has a simple touch that is genius!

You see the purple rubber rings on the ends? Well they keep the rolling pin at a certain height so that your dough (or icing) is rolled out to an even thickness.

There are two different heights – you just use which ever rings you need.

So when I rolled out my dough for the second YouTube tutorial about salt dough pendants (which will be a follow up to the current one), it was much thinner and the resulting pendant bases are much more dainty.

I can’t wait to decorate them and show you the results.

Now what about that salt dough? 

Well this is why these are easy to make pendants! And better still, inexpensive to make.

All you need is a bag of plain white flour, a tub of ordinary table salt and some warm water.

You need to have the ingredients in equal measure – so if you use one cup of flour, use one cup of salt and one cup of warm water.

But be sure to add the water a bit at a time in case you don’t need quite all of it.

And don’t knead it too much – just enough to get smooth.

I kneaded my first batch a lot – as if I was making bread!

And I think that’s why a lot of my pendant bases rose and went puffy – I got too much air in there during the kneading process.

I also put mine in the fridge overnight so it was easier to cut.

Coming up next time – more, easy to make pendants, but with lessons learned from this project!

I’m partway through filming me making a much better set of salt dough pendants. There is no such thing as a craft project that is a failure!

For every project I publish, I have others that will never see the light of day because they didn’t work out how I wanted.

But this time, I thought I would give you a glimpse of one that didn’t work, just to show there is no shame in getting it wrong.

We learn from our mistakes – well, we should if we are enthusiastic enough about improving – so watch out for my next YouTube project and see if I manage to improve on these pendants.

There are many accomplished salt dough crafters out there making some amazing stuff – hats off to you – if I keep trying, maybe one day…

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