How To Create Abstract Art VERY Easily!

How to create abstract art maybe a question you have asked yourself - especially if you have zero experience and no confidence to try.

But it's really easy to create images like the one below even if you are not an artist, cannot afford to buy paint and are afraid of failing.

how to create abstract art

If that sounds unbelieveable to you, just watch my video here on my YouTube channel, Rainbow Lane.

Watch the whole video and by the end, you will see how you can spend hours dabbling around with a few cheap items you can buy from the grocery store.

How to create abstract art is not some amazing mystery known only to people with artistic ability.

There is so much snobbery in the art world - click here to read a previous post about THAT! - and I believe it prevents us ordinary people from getting lost in creativity because we are afraid of getting it \'wrong\'.

Guess what? There is no \'wrong\' way of making art.

There is only the fun of creating - and the fear of getting it \'wrong\' absolutely kills that creativity.

Don\'t let that be YOU!

You have as much right to explore your creativity as anyone who has been to art school or is so highly acclaimed, their stuff is exhibited in the best galleries across the world.

I mean GOOD for them! Really, GOOD for them - BUT what about good for YOU?

If you can\'t sing like Barbara Streisand or Beyonce - does that mean you shouldn\'t sing?

So if you can\'t paint like Michael Angelo, does that mean you should never, ever try to paint like you? No. Of course it doesn\'t.

I doubt if anyone is ever going to ask you to paint the ceiling of a fancy church anyway.

How to create abstract art
We don\'t need to compare ourselves with Michaelangelo, or anyone else for that matter!

If how to create abstract art is something you just can\'t get a handle on, then the technique I demonstrate in my video  will be perfect for you!

There is nothing so daunting as sitting there with some expensive paints you have just bought, and a canvas you don\'t want to mess up.

In the video you will learm how to use the cheapest, most basic items from the grocery store - milk, food coloring and a secret ingredient that really makes the magic happen.

You will need a camera that can do close-ups - you can probably use the camera in your iPhone - I haven\'t tried that myself but I\'m sure it would work.

And if you live in a place where you would have trouble getting food coloring, visit my supplies page where you will find links to products you can order.

But most people should be able to get EVERYTHING they need for this project very cheaply from the grocery store.

how to create abstract art
how to create abstract art
how to create abstract art
how to create abstract art
All these paintings were done using the very simple, method I outline in my video using very inexpensive items from the grocery store.
I know how to create abstract art even though I am not an \'artist\' - and so will you - it\'s easy!

How to create abstract art really isn't such a difficult thing if you know where to start...

so watch the video and get creating today!

If you have learnt how to create abstract art by watching the video - leave a comment on YouTube and let me know how you got on.