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Faux Silver Bracelet For Valentine’s Day

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Faux Silver Bracelet – The Perfect Crafty Make For Valentine Day!

With the dawn of the New Year comes my newest craft idea – a faux silver bracelet that looks and feels like metal. But guess what – it’s made from silver tin foil and card!

Use these simple materials and tools…
…to make this gorgeous faux silver bracelet!

Faux silver bracelet mania has been growing in my workroom since I discovered a reel of sticky-backed silver tin foil.

Like many crafters, my craft toom is stuffed full of materials and tools that I’ve forgotten I had (and can’t recall where I got them!)

So, the roll of sticky tinfoil tape I used to make my faux silver bracelet beads has been hanging around for absolutely years.

I think my husband used it for something and then passed it my way because he knows how much I love using non-crafting materials in my projects.

It has been used in a couple of my projects but not for awhile, so I decided it was time to dream up something really pretty with it for Valentine’s Day.

Faux silver bracelet designs danced wildly in my head over the Christmas break and I was itching to get back to work to try this one out.

You can click here and go to YouTube to see how I made mine – I have made a short, easy to follow film so anyone can follow what I have done.

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