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Easy Christmas Crafts!

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Easy Christmas Crafts Alert!

Last year, I published a blog post and YouTube video (recently updated) showing how easy it is to turn bread into durable Christmas decorations to use year after year.

Turn bread…
…into Christmas decorations.

Easy Christmas crafts that are fun and original are always a hit when the results are fast and amazing!

And it doesn’t get much more amazing than turning plain old bread into colorful Christmas decorations that can become family treasures.

These are great for making as beautiful presents too because, what is more special than having someone give you a unique decoration to hang on your tree?

To see my original post click here. To see the full instructional video on YouTube click here.

Making Easy Christmas Crafts Is A Great Way To Spend the Dark Nights of November & December!

We all know that those living in some parts of the world have short days and long dark nights to contend with in the run up to Christmas.

So these fun Christmas decorations are a great way to while away the dark damp evenings with friends in the warm and an early bottle of Christmas wine!

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