How To Make Faux Dichroic Glass Pendants With Alcohol Inks

Dichroic Glass jewelry is very pretty but what if you don't have the skills or money to buy or make the real deal?

Of course, genuine dichroic glass jewelry has a beauty that can only be achieved by learning to fuse coloured glass using the right tools, material and techniques.

But if you want to learn how to make pretty pendants that are very colourful and attractive in a similar way to dichroic glass, then stick with me - I will teach you!

The pendants you see below were made using a technique I developed using crushed aluminum tin foil and alcohol inks.

If you want to watch my video showing how I make these faux dichroic glass pendants, you will find it here.

If you have already watched the video and want to know where you can get supplies - read on.

dichroic glass
Gorgeous 'glowing' pendants in beautiful colours. You can make these!

Dichroic glass lookalike pendants (alcohol ink pendants) lists of supplies for USA readers.

If you have come here from my YouTube channel looking for suppliers of the materials and tools I used in my tutorial video - welcome.

The following list is of supplies I found on the USA website. I have never ordered these products from the USA myself as I am UK based and so I cannot personally recommend the sellers.

I have created the list purely to give people a starting point in their search for products and I would recommend that you shop around to get the best deals.

Whilst stocks were showing at the time of writing, I cannot guarantee stocks will always be available or how good quality and prices are on these items.

If you want to source the supplies to make pendants like these, visit my Amazon Craft Supplies page.

You will find everything you need to have a go at creating your own beautiful faux dichroic glass jewelry, from bottle caps and other pendant bezels to glass domes and hole punching tools.

Please be aware that stocks were available at the time of writing but I have no control over this and stocks may not always be available.

It is up to you to get an idea of the products you need by looking at these items and then maybe shop around online for better deals and choices.

Have a go at using tin foil to create the faux dichroic glass look and if you need any help, you can see my YouTube video tutorial here.