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Home » Junk Journals – Have Crafty Fun With RUBBISH!

Junk Journals – Have Crafty Fun With RUBBISH!

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Junk Journals are really inexpensive and easy to make from – well…er – JUNK!

(See my YouTube film here.)

Crafting really doesn’t have to be expensive and although I can go into a craft store and easily spend £50 when I don’t really need anything, I am more of an up-cycling crafter at heart.

In the image below, you can see one of my many plastic crates where I store the junk I make my junk journals from. My boxes of ‘rubbish’ are far more valuable to me than any paper or card I could buy in a craft shop.

There are days when I go on free resource safaris and come home from town with a whole bag of ‘junk’ with which I can create a wide range of up-cycled products such as junk jewellery or journals.

Not only is it easier on our cash-strapped bank accounts but it also means the crafts we produce this way are unique and more imaginative. It also helps keep perfectly useful art and craft resources from going into landfill.

And another, huge benefit to saving money on crafting materials, is that I can afford the more expensive paints craft shops have to offer.

Just one of the many boxes of valuable ‘junk’ in my craft studio.

So how can you make good clean pages for junk journals out of rubbish?

Well this is where the good quality (Dylusions) paint comes in. To make it easier for you to see what I have done, I have made a video which you can find here.

In the video, I concentrate specifically on how I make the pages of my junk journals from unwanted magazines and brochures.

For anyone interested in how I make covers for my junk journals (from empty cereal boxes), I will be making another film to cover that very soon.

An empty cereal box and a discarded magazine plus………….

……some Dylusions paint, equals……..

……a beautiful junk journal!

Junk journals can be made in all shapes and sizes to suit whatever junk resources you have laying around.

I make my junk journals in all different sizes. For my studio journals, I like them to be A4 (US Letter) but I also love these smaller ones to carry around with me.

After you have watched the film, I hope you will be inspired to make your own junk journals – do let me know what you make!