How To Make A Simple DIY Necklace From A Curtain Ring

Want a quick and easy way to make a DIY necklace for next to nothing?

I made this one from a brass curtain ring that I bought in a hardware store for a few pennies. To string it I used a left-over piece of 1mm black rolled elastic from another project and a few odd beads from my odd bead stash. I also used two split rings and heart charm.

The cost of this, even if I had bought everything especially, would have been less than £1.

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So have a look at my supplies in the picture below and then see what you have laying around that you can use to make a similar DIY Necklace.

There is also a slide show of this on my YouTube channel.

DIY necklace

DIY Necklace Step 1

Gather your supplies - they don't need to be exactly like mine. What you see in the picture above is just a guide to the sizes of beads you will need. You can make yours more colorful by using more exotic beads. Basically you will need:

• A length of 1mm black rolled elastic long enough for whatever length pendant you want

• A brass curtain ring 1.25 inches across

• Two 9mm split rings

• A charm with a hole that will take a split ring (I used a heart but use whatever you have)

• A large bead and two smaller beads for the centre of the ring

• Six tiny sliver or gold metallic beads with 1mm core holes plus two larger beads to thread above the ring.

DIY Necklace
DIY Necklace
DIY Necklace

DIY Necklace Steps 2, 3 and 4

Do exactly what is shown in the pictures above to attach the first split ring and get your elastic ready to thread the centre beads.

DIY Necklace
DIY Necklace
DIY Necklace

Step 5

With the elastic turned upwards, thread one of the smaller centre beads onto both strands at once. Make sure the split ring is sitting snugly on the edge of the ring by pulling the strands nice and tight.

Step 6

Then thread the large centre bead and the other smaller one. Your beads need to be the right size to fit inside the ring. Make sure you keep pulling the elastic taught if it loosens. The next step will keep it tight.

Step 7

Bring the elastic over the top of the ring and then pull the ends back through the ring so there is one strand on either side of the centre elastic. Tie a tight knot around the centre strand. Make sure everything fits snugly and is tied tight.

DIY Necklace
DIY Necklace

Step 8

On each of the two strands, thread two of the tint gold or silver metallic beads followed by a larger bead. Then thread one more of the tiny beads on each strand to top off.

Step 9

When you have threaded your beads on, tie knots just above the final bead on each strand to hold all the beads in place.

DIY Necklace
DIY Necklace

Step 10

Attach the second split ring to your chosen charm.

Step 11

And then attach the charm to the split ring on the necklace and voila! Your DIY necklace is ready to wear!