European Style Paper Beads Workshop Success

European style paper beads made by students at one of my workshops recently.

European style paper beads are so much fun to make and they shock so many people when you reveal that they are made from paper.

When I wear my bracelets made from European style paper beads, I get lots of compliments.

And when I casually say they are made from paper, very often, people will look at me as if I am telling lies!

They do look very much like Pandora beads which of course are made from very expensive  materials and cost a LOT of money!

When I run my workshops teaching people how to make these beads, it is brilliant to see their faces when we reach the point at which the real magic happens.

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So at what point does the magic happen with European style paper beads?

It happens when the beads have been formed, painted and glazed or sealed. Up to that point, they don't look particularly European.

But when we fit the metal inserts, the beads are transformed into European style paper beads that will look stunning on leather or silver bracelets.


european style paper beads
On the left you can see the beads looking quite ordinary but on the right, you can see they have been transformed into European style paper beads with metal inserts.

We made some gorgeous European style paper beads in my workshop at Keep On Crafting, Bury St. Edmund\'s recently.

Keep on Crafting is a fabulous arty/crafty shop where owner Mandy Shedden goes way beyond simply selling products, as you will see if you read one of my former posts here and watch the video about her shop.

Mandy is passionate about helping people learn how to use her products. For my own European style paper beads, I use the beautiful Starlight range of paints which Mandy stocks.

Students at my classes get to try out my very own paper bead making tool, the Easy beady which is manufactured in my own workshop in Felixstowe.

You can find them for sale on etsy by clicking here.

european style paper beads
I am completely addicted to using these beautiful metallic paints for my projects. Mandy stocks the whole range. I highly recommend a visit to the shop see them up close.
european style paper beads
Beautiful European style paper bead bracelets made by my very clever students.
european style paper beads
This is what people make at my basic paper bead class - these are faux willow pattern china beads from one of my own designs created especially for my classes.
european style paper beads
european style paper beads
A student at my Bury class making her first European style paper beads.
Some of the beads made at the class using Starlight metallic paints.
european style paper beads
european style paper beads

As you can see from these pictures, it is possible to make some very beautiful, classy looking jewellery from paper.

I would love you to join me in one of my workshops. The cost is £15 per person with a maximum of 6 people. I also do one-to-one classes which cost £30.

All materials are included.

If you fancy learning to make European style paper beads, or just basic paper beads to begin with - do get in touch via the contact form.