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Christmas Crafts Decorations Made From Bread!

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Christmas crafts are very popular from late summer onwards.

Christmas crafts in summer may seem strange but if you want to get ahead of the game, it’s fine.

Start whenever you want to and you won’t have to do this in a rush in December.

There are some brilliant projects around but really – how on earth do you get these (below) from bread?

Christmas crafts
Yes these really are made from bread.
Christmas crafts
And cheap white bread is all you need.

After the first batch, I realised this is a brilliant way of making lots of trendy tree decorations quickly and cheaply.

Christmas crafts don’t have to involve lots of expensive craft materials and this project proves it.

These are so cheap and easy to make and, they look really do look trendy. You can find my step by step video tutorial on how to make these Christmas decorations here on YouTube.

I have seen Christmas crafts like this in the fashionable places where they sell ridiculously expensive home decor items to people with money to burn.

(Usually in places where they also have barn style cafe’s full of trendy food that costs a small fortune!)

There seems to be a thing going on for decorations that are quite textured with dense fibres.

Well guess what, that’s what these look like! And for a fraction of the cost.

And, don’t forget the fun you’ll have making them.

Christmas crafts

If finding quick Christmas crafts is a priority for you – try these gorgeous decorations.

Have all your friends round, get the coffee on and get busy with Christmas crafts at any time!

No need to stop at Christmas decorations!

I also used this method to make some lovely Halloween decorations, click here to see them.

And I am sure people will come up with their own ideas of other events for making decorations.

Happy crafting!