International Craft Awards – It’s That Time Again!

international craft awards

International craft awards are not easy to come by, but for the second year, Keep On Crafting, of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk has made it through to the voting stage of the International Craft Awards in the Best Independent Craft Retailer in South East England category.

This is absolutely wonderful for shop owner Mandy Shedden because it is the army of faithful customers who nominated Keep on Crafting in sufficient numbers to get to this stage.

Voting for the five finalists starts on Tuedsay 13th September and the shop is up against two very well established businesses including Oyster Stamps.

Keep On Crafting is in line for another international award – help Mandy get gold – VOTE! Click To Tweet
international craft awards

Mandy Shedden and some craft students attending a workshop this summer at Keep On Crafting.

International craft awards are given to shops where customers have shown massive support.

The level of award Keep On Crafting will get is dependent on the number of votes the shop receives.

As it has been the year of the Olympics, Mandy is also aiming for a gold medal to improve on the Silver award she got last year and it would mean the absolute world to Mandy to be on the top podium with a gold medal round her neck!

Watch this short film to see what makes Keep On Crafting more than just a place to buy craft products.

Vote now! Click on this link to go to the voting page…

For people who want to vote for Mandy’s shop but are unsure how to use the online voting form, watch this short video that shows you how. You will have to fill in all the boxes but hec, you get the chance to wind a spa break at Champney’s!

With the  International Craft Awards, there are no prizes for the business and no financial rewards either but the certificate is worth its weight in gold.

Anyone who has shopped at Keep On Crafting or attended one of the many workshops or demos that Mandy runs, will know that this is much more than just a craft shop.

It is a place where anyone can learn how to use the products sold there, gain new craft skills and meet new people. The shop is an amazing place for anyone who loves learning in the company of other crafters.

Mandy will probably blush when we say this, but she really does deserve this award for all the hard work she puts into the shop both on the selling side and on the educational aspect.

Mandy is not content to simply sell you a tub of embossing powder, she wants you to know how to get the very best out of it.

Mandy is not content to simply sell you a tub of embossing powder, she wants you to know how to… Click To Tweet
international craft awards
international craft awards
international craft awards

A few of the thousands of art and craft products Mandy sells.

Do you think Mandy deserves to be rewarded at the International Craft Awards?

If you think Mandy deserves gold this year (and of course you do!),  please  vote from 13th September onwards online at where there is a survey that you have to complete for various categories.

Please vote for the shop in the section for the South East Retailer.

Ask your family to vote for too, but they will have to log on as a different person on the computer because the survey knows whether or not your account has been used to vote.

If you are not online, there will be a postal survey printed in Crafts Beautiful magazine.

So there you are, if you want Keep On Crafting to be recognised by the International Craft Awards, get voting now – go on, what are you waiting for!



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