Sweet Poppy Stencils Demo

sweet poppy stencils

Sweet Poppy stencils are absolutely beautiful, especially when combined with Sparkle Medium.

But what is the best way to use them?

And how can you get the stunning effects you see in the pictures here?

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Sweet Poppy stencils

Just look at the gorgeous effects you can achieve with Sweet Poppy stencils and Sparkle Medium!

The Sweet Poppy Stencils design seen here was used by craft demonstrator Dot Clark to show what can be achieved - if you know how.

Now I'm pretty savvy with craft products but I can't work out how Dot has achieved this amazing, seamless blend of colours and it's really annoying me!

I'm pretty savvy with crafts but I can't work out how to get this seamless blend of colours and it's really annoying me! Click To Tweet

Thankfully, Dot will be at Keep On Crafting in Bury St Edmunds on Wednesday August 3rd to let us in on her secrets! 

And I can't wait because I really love the beautiful texture and sparkle of this technique (whatever it is!)

(Click here to see info on a couple of Dot's demo days.)
sweet poppy stencils
sweet poppy stencils

Dot Clark is such a pro with the Sweet Poppy stencils, her work appears on Create and Craft TV.

The demo she is doing at Keep On Crafting on August 3rd is a chance to watch and learn in a more intimate environment.

You can rock up for half an hour and ask loads of questions to get a good grip on how to use the wonderful products Dot will be demonstrating. 

Shop owner Mandy Shedden was very tight-lipped when I asked how Dot gets the subtle blending of colours. Not really sure if she was joking but she said, "If I tell you I will have to kill you."

So for Health & Safety reasons, I'm going to the demo!

sweet poppy stencils

This is the lovely friendly environment in which people will have the opportunity to watch Dot Clark working and to ask her questions about the products.

Keep On Crafting is a very friendly place where Mandy welcomes all crafters new and old.

If you have never been before and are new to crafting, just take the plunge and go! I have found that everyone is really keen to share their knowledge with others.

And you have never seen such a variety of amazing craft products under one small roof! Click here to see maps of the shop and adjacent parking.

The Sweet Poppy stencils are the tip of the iceberg and I am sure you will come away with more than a ton of new skills.


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