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Decoupage Picture Frame

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Decoupage picture frames (or mirrors) are really easy to make.

I made the one you see to the right here by using an old comic from a batch I bought from an auction house (above).

Decoupage picture frame

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Decoupage Picture Frame – Materials

To make this decoupage frame you will need:

1 plain picture frame in a flat, wide design.

A sanding block (not shown in pic).

An old comic to rip up.

Decoupage glue.

A brush to apply the glue.

Decoupage Picture Frame – Step 1

Prepare the frame so the comic pieces will have a good surface to stick to.

Take your sanding block and gently rub over all the surfaces which will be covered in decoupage. 

It does not matter whether your frame is plastic or wood, take the shine off the smooth surface to give a good grip for the decoupage.

Decoupage Picture Frame – Step 2

Tear up your comics and begin to stick the pieces on with the decoupage glue.

The first layer needs to be colourful but it does not have to tell a story. The idea here is to simply get the entire frame covered with comic pieces.

You will add the story layer when the frame is covered.

Decoupage Picture Frame – Step 3

Continue to decoupage the frame with colourful pieces of comic.

Using the brush and plenty of decoupage glue, place the torn pieces on the frame taking care to overlap them.

Make sure no gaps are left. I usually paint glue onto the frame where I am placing the next piece, lay it down and then smooth over with the brush and more glue.

If you use glossy glue, it will dry with a lovely hard, shiny surface.


Decoupage Picture Frame – Step 4

Continue sticking comic pieces all the way round to where you started.

Make sure the whole frame is covered with the base layer of comic pieces with nothing of the frame showing.

Put on plenty of decoupage glue and smooth it all over.

Decoupage Picture Frame – Step 5

Choose a sequence of comic pictures to arrange over the base layer.

The final step is to find a story in the comic that you can tear up and decoupage it onto the base layer in sequence.

These pieces can be more spread out as the frame now has a good base layer on which to work.

 Picture Frame – All Done!

Allow the glue to dry overnight.

When the glue is dry, your frame is ready to use. It is that easy. Go ahead, try this project today and let me know how you got on.

If you have any questions about this decoupage project, please ask in the comments below or go to the contact page and send me a message.