Easy Beady Paper Bead Roller Demo

Make Paper Beads the Easy Beady Way

Making paper beads from junk  is one of my favourite crafts. I love transforming mundane pieces of paper into beautiful jewellery. I also love creating my own artwork to use.

But my enjoyment was spoilt by not being able to find the perfect bead rolling tool. I wanted something that gripped the paper well enough to get the bead started easily.

I also wanted something that would allow me to slide the finished bead off quickly, smoothly and without pulling the middle out of it.

There are many bead rollers for sale but most of them are made out of bamboo that has been split into two and then bound with paper to make a handle.

easy beady tool

They were ok and I made quite a few of my own. The problem that I found was the bamboo could sometimes snag the paper making beads hard to slide off.

For the last 18 months, I have been hard at work trying to create a bead rolling tool that is as near to perfect as I can get.

Learn to Make Gorgeous Paper Beads In Minutes!

Once you have the tool and have practiced on a few strips of paper, making beautiful beads is really easy.

Instead of being annoyed at all the junk mail coming through your door, you will be saying thank you for all the wonderful free paper you are getting. 

And think of the thrill when you make a really beautiful bracelet out of something that used to annoy you! Make unique presents that have cost you next to nothing.

Or create your own art work and make some really colourful beads that are truly unique and cannot be copied.

easy beady tool

The possibilities for creating paper beads of all different shapes and sizes is endless. I really enjoy colouring designs on plain paper and then making beads from it. If you add several coats of glaze, they look so amazing, no one guesses they are made from paper.

After experimenting with lots of different materials, I have come up with a tool that I absolutely love using. It is simple in design and very easy to use. It rolls nice tight beads that are easy to slide off - what more could you ask for?

Have a look at the demo video I made to show what the tools look like and how to use them. I make them all to order and they are available on eBay. Click here to be taken to eBay. They are available in 3mm or 5mm.

The 3mm size allows you to make beads with a smaller core for threading on finer stringing material up to 2.5mm thick. 

The 5mm size allows you to make beads with a larger core for threading on thicker stringing materials such as leather or Pandora style bracelets.

They can be bought individually or as a duo pack.

Find Out About My Bead Strip Templates To Make Cutting Easier

For easy cutting of paper bead strips without all the hassle of measuring and drawing lines, I have designed some templates you can download from my etsy shop. 

They are very easy to use. Click here to find out how you can use my templates to cut quick, easy strips and then use the template paper to make more beads so there is no waste! You can also use the templates in image editing software such as Photoshop to overlay onto printable  designs. 

easy beady
easy beady tool

Here you can see two ways to use the downloadable templates. You can print the template, fix it to your chosen bead paper with removable adhesive tape and cut your strips along the lines with ruler and craft knife.

The picture above shows strips cut with that method. As you can see, this gives you the strips cut in your chosen paper and the left-over template strips. You can hand colour those with Sharpies and make more beads. No waste!

Or you can overlay the png file onto an image on screen (see right), print it and cut along the printed lines with ruler and craft knife or a guillotine. Visit my etsy shop today to get your downloadable templates.

easy beady tool